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We Service and Repair all BMW Makes and Models

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Service and Repairs performed on all BMW makes and models

At Eurotech German Car Service we specialize in providing complete Dealer Alternative service or repair for your BMW.

We are located not far from the Fairbanks Avenue exit (exit 87) on I-4 and serve BMW owners throughout the Central Florida area.

We employ certified, factory-trained technicians, working with factory approved equipment that can provide routine maintenance through to detailed repair, or diagnostic analysis across all BMW makes and models.

We are able to provide mechanical and diagnostic work for both gasoline and diesel engines; including A/C systems, brake systems (including ABS, BAS, ESP, SBC and traction control systems), differentials, axles, automatic and manual transmissions, aftermarket warranty and insurance work, suspension, steering and electrical troubleshooting.

We provide a range of fault finding services on oil leaks, noises, check engine lights, dashboard warning lights, brake and traction control lights.

Main BMW Services

A/C leaks and problems from lines, hoses, o-rings, evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, drier, receiver, pressure valve, blower motor, blower motor regulator, resistor, condenser.

Brakes noise, lights, and leaks from ABS wheel speed sensors, ABS control units, ABS hydraulic units, brake hoses, brake lines, brake pad wear sensor, worn brake pads, worn or warped rotors, relays, master cylinders, vacuum canisters, vacuum leaks, calipers, parking brakes, stop lamp switch, brake light electric plate, bulbs.

Coolant leaks from radiator, water pump, expansion tank, cylinder head gaskets, radiator cap, expansion tank cap, thermostat, thermostat housing, radiator hoses, heater hoses, duo valves, heater cores, grommets, transmission temperature sensor, overheating from coolant leak, fan clutch, electric fans, cylinder head, broken water pump, broken belt, fan switch.

Engine noise from belts, idler pulley, tensioner assembly, tensioner pulley, water pump, internal engine noises, motor mounts.

Misfires and rough running from vacuum leaks, air filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, air mass meter, air mass sensor, PCV crankcase valve and breather hoses, fuel injector, fuel injector o-ring, camshaft sensors, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, idle control valve, knock sensor, oxygen sensor, low compression.

Oil leaks from valve covers, head gaskets, oil filter housing, oil filter caps, front and rear main seal, inspection cover, camshaft seals, timing covers, timing seals and gaskets, oil pan, camshaft sensors, oil separator hoses.

Power steering leaks and noises from return hoses, suction hoses, pressure hoses, fluid reservoir, low fluid, power steering pump, CV axle, inner and outer tie rods, drag links, center link, idler arms.

No start conditions from battery, crankshaft position sensor, voltage regulator, starter solenoid, ignition coil, distributor, alternator, starter, relays, fuses, bad grounds, bad wires.

Suspension noises from upper and lower control arm bushings, upper and lower ball joints, radius arm bushings, shocks, shock mount, integral links, subframe bushings, motor mounts, transmission mounts, engine mounts, driveshaft, wheel bearings, tires, wheels.

Transmission hard shifting and leaks from worn clutches, low fluid, pan gasket leaks, leaking seals, electrical connector leaks.

With a combined staff experience of over 100 years, our Factory Trained technicians working on Factory approved equipment, are why we are "The Dealer Alternative" in Central Florida when it comes to your BMW Vehicle.

We provide a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty on all of our work.

We have the latest in digital scanners with the most current Factory Software and just like the dealer, we are fully authorized to maintain your vehicle even if it is still covered under the original warranty.

We are a full service shop and every time you visit your car is returned hand washed and vacuumed.

Open, Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:30pm.

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With Eurotech German Car Service, Central Florida's authorized Dinan BMW Performance Center is fully prepared to help you begin driving the high performance BMW of your dreams today.

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